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I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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More Prime Day Early Specials and New Return Policy

In addition to the specials I posted earlier today, more deals have been posted to the official Prime Day 2020 page. be sure to watch some “advertised” deals as they may not be as good as they sound. For instance, they are currently advertising an Echo Show 5 with a Blink mini for only $124.98. However, the Echo Show 5, by itself, is only $44.99. The Blink mini indoor security camera is also on sale for $24.99. That’s a difference of $55.

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Amazon Prime Day Early Specials

Amazon Prime Day is coming tomorrow and Wednesday. Last month I mentioned that several deals were already showing up on the Amazon website. If you haven’t been paying attention, there are even more deals available now. Here’s a list of what you’ll find on Amazon.com:

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Apple iPhone 12 Event Tuesday

Last month, Apple announced new hardware at an event. The event featured a new iWatch, but lacked the announcement of the next iPhone. This announcement, however, will come at an event this Tuesday, October 13th at 1pm EDT titled “Hi, Speed.” During this event, expect the next iPhone will be announced to support 5G and WiFi 6. You can watch the event on YouTube or on my site here:

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Pluralsight Live

Coming this week is Pluralsight Live. Pluralsight Live is a free, virtual event that will allow you to hear from technologists and business leaders about the latest trends. The event kicks off on Tuesday, October 13th and goes through Friday, October 16th.

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Export Bitly Links using C#

Yesterday I posted about connecting to the Bitly API to export links using Postman. Today I’ll expand on that a bit more and use C# to not only connect to Bitly, but generate a JSON file that includes all of the history (up to 150,000 links).

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Export Bitly Links to JSON using the Bitly API

I’ve been using Bitly as my URL shortener for years and I’ll likely never switch. The service works great and I love the metrics that are produced. However, there’s no great way to have a backup of your links unless you pay for a higher version.

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Use SpecFlow, nUnit and .NET Core in Visual Studio Code

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a project that supports SpecFlow, nUnit, and .NET Core. To get started, we’ll create a new .NET Core project with nUnit support. To do this, create a folder where the project should be created and run the following .NET CLI command:

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The New Microsoft Bing

In a post yesterday, Microsoft announced that Bing will now be called Microsoft Bing. While they did not announce anything new, the icon is changing to a flat green icon to a new blue icon with some depth in the icon itself. In addition, the new homepage continues to have the search bar, but also includes the ability to scroll and pull up news for your organization as well as news from around the world. If you use Office 365, I’d definitely recommend checking out the refined homepage:

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Best of Series: Hacking GitHub with Ease

Over the past several months I’ve put together several hacks to optimize your experience within GitHub. Here are some of the most popular articles:

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C# Corner .NET Virtual Conference

Coming October 15th-16th is a virtual .NET conference brought to you by C# Corner. You’ll hear from Joseph Guadagno, Matthew Groves, Mahesh Chand and several others. You can learn more by visiting their website at www.2020twenty.net/dotnet/ or following @CSharpCorner on Twitter.

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