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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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Review Project Bicep, an Azure ARM DSL

While not quite ready for production use, Project Bicep is an interesting take on replacing standard ARM templates. Bicep boasts a simpler syntax, better copy/past experience, and automatic dependency management. Check out a great getting started article by Chris Pietschmann at Build5Nines.

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Apple Event Tomorrow

With the headline “Time Flies” expect the next Apple Watch from the Apple event that takes place tomorrow. However, don’t expect the iPhone 12 as that has been rumored to be delayed several weeks if not a month or two. We can speculate, but be sure to watch the event tomorrow for full details:

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GitHub Now Integrates With Microsoft Teams

Announced last Thursday, GitHub now integrates with Microsoft Teams (currently in public beta). You can install directly by clicking here. This integration is long overdue as GitHub has had Slack integration for several years. Much like the Slack integration, you can subscribe to activity using a command such as @github subscribe [organization]/[repository]. This will allow you to subscribe to issues, pulls, commits, and comments. You can also turn any conversation into a new issue or reopen existing issues. I’m interested in seeing what additional work they do on the integration as time passes.

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XBox Series X|S Pricing, Pre-Order Announced

On November 10th, Microsoft is releasing their latest Xbox gaming consoles. Both devices feature Xbox Velocity Architecture, Smart Delivery game delivery capabilities, and backward compatibility from the previous four generations of Xbox.

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Use GitHub Codespaces Not Visual Studio Codespaces

Back in November 2019, Microsoft announced Visual Studio Online. In May, this was renamed to Visual Studio Codespaces. Visual Studio Codespaces allows fully-managed on-demand development environments in Azure. They are still available and other than a blog post last Friday, you may not be aware they are going away. The current offering will be officially retired in February 2021. What its being replaced with is GitHub Codespaces.

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Remembering 9/11 19 Years Later

It’s not the first time I’ve reflected back to 9/11/01. Usually I’m posting messages on Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Given everything going on in the world and the US this year, I felt that it was time to blog about it again.

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Developer Openings for biBerk

I’m hiring! I continue to have new openings for developers on my team. I’m looking for developers that are proficient in at least two of the following areas:

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Settings Sync for Visual Studio Code

For the longest time, if you wanted to sync settings across Visual Studio Code instances, you’d need to use Shan Khan’s extension Settings Sync. That was essentially your only option. In fact, that extension has had nearly 2 million installs to date! There’s still a great benefit to using the extension. For one, you could backup the settings to GitHub and compare versions of the settings. However, if you’re looking for a native implementation, the Visual Studio Code team now has one.

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gRPC Best Practices for .NET

James Newton-King, who is most known for Json.NET, has published gRPC Best Practices on the Microsoft Docs site. He covers how to get the best performance possible from gRPC. Some of the topics he’ll cover include:

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Amazon AWS Summit Online September 29

Amazon is hosting their AWS Summit online this year starting on September 29, 2020 at noon Eastern (9am Pacific). You can register for the event by visiting https://jasong.us/3lOMGO0. The event will feature a keynote followed with over 50 on-demand sessions featuring AI, big data, containers, serverless, and more!

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