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Hello, I'm  jasongaylord Jason

I live with my family in the rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm a web developer by trade, but have broad experience in various business areas. Want to know more about me?

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Azure DevOps Brownout Scheduled for Next Week

Starting September 9th and lasting through September 15th, Microsoft will be conducting a daily, 2 hour brownout test for Azure DevOps. This will be the first test. The reason for the brownout is for new IP address ranges to be implemented to allow customers to use Azure Service Tags to manage the traffic flow between Azure Services and on-prem systems. For a complete explanation on what is changing, when it will be implemented, and the details behind the rollout plan, be sure to visit the post at jasong.us/3jwTuOu.

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Remote Engineering DevOps Summit

As developers are continuing to work remotely, its critical that you manage your team and organization effectively and collaborate when it makes sense. Learn from members of GitHub, Microsoft, and other DevOps partners as they share how to:

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Zoom Will Require Passcode or Waiting Room Soon

Beginning on September 27, 2020, Zoom will require that all meetings have either a Passcode (password to enter a meeting) or have Waiting Room enabled for all paid accounts. Meeting passcodes were already enforced for all free accounts enabled back on May 9th. Meeting passcodes or Waiting Rooms will be required for Zoom Government customers beginning on October 18.

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Stream the Weather Channel for Cheap on Frndly TV

The Weather Channel has had their live stream page under construction for a very long time. This is incredibly frustrating for cord cutters like myself.

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AspNetCore 6.0 Backlog Grooming

The ASP.NET team is beginning to review the backlog for items that they should include in version 6.0.

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Play Surf in Microsoft Edge

Since Microsoft Edge version 83, Microsoft has included the game Surf in its browser. Not long ago my connection dropped. I hadn’t realized until I refreshed a browser tab in the new Microsoft Edge and found the error message You’re not connected.

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Microsoft Partner Tech Talks Resume

Earlier this week, Microsoft resumed their Partner Tech Talks. These events feature technical experts from Microsoft and help to enable partners with information to assist their customers. The talks will focus on Azure, Modern Work & Security, and Business Applications. Within the next two weeks, there are two Azure events that will take place:

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How to Create a Beacon Animation Using CSS

I had a need to create a CSS animation that showed a “beacon” using CSS. Basically, I was dropping an animation showing where someone was located on a map. So, I was setting a background image of a container to an image and then placing a “bursting” dot within the container based on the location. Instead of using an animated gif like the one showing below:

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Opt-In to Angular CLI Strict Mode

In Angular 10, the Angular team announced a strict mode that would perform build-time optimizations and help to deliver a faster application. However, it is not enabled by default as they’re still accepting feedback on which trade-offs you are willing to accept.

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DevIntersection Virtual Workshop Event

With in-person technical events being cancelled across the world, DevIntersection is hosting a virtual workshop event. Attend a workshop for $199 and attend a keynote for free.

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